Lung Cancer Screening Center

To promote early detection of lung cancer, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset has launched a Lung Cancer Screening Center for those at high risk of the disease.


If you are a smoker or former smoker over 55 years old with 30 or more pack years (number of packs of cigarettes smoked per day multiplied by the number of years smoked), talk to your doctor about getting a CT screening for lung cancer.


Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset’s Lung Cancer Screening includes:


·         Low-dose CT scan

o   Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset’s state-of-the-art GE VCT-XT scanner features advanced computer software that produces high quality images while reducing radiation dosage. A specially-designed breast shield also minimizes exposure to radiosensitive breast tissue. Our radiologists customize each CT scan to each patient, following low dose radiation protocols to reduce radiation exposure by as much as 80 percent.

o   During the chest scan, patients must hold their breath for 5 seconds. A computer creates 3-D images of small sections of the lung that offer excellent detail and enable the detection of very tiny lung lesions that are often smaller than 1 centimeter. Radiologists who specialize in evaluating lung CT scans review the results.

·         Spirometry testing to measure the flow and volume of air entering and leaving the lungs

·          A follow-up consultation at The Steeplechase Cancer Center

·         Consultation with a smoking cessation specialist from the medical center’s Tobacco Quitcenter


The screening is not covered by medical insurance. Because Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset recognizes the importance of early detection in ensuring the best outcomes for lung cancer patients, it is subsidizing the cost of the screening for high-risk individuals.

For a limited time, the hospital is offering the screening at a specially-discounted rate of $99.


For more information about lung cancer screenings at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset, call (908)-927-8778.