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Executive Health Services

Executive Health Program GuideThe Executive Examination

The Executive Examination is a comprehensive, streamlined medical exam that lasts approximately five hours, with results provided to you the same day. In addition to the typical medical workup, our Executive Examination gives you the opportunity to work on preventive health and wellness by meeting with nutrition and fitness experts.

This exam will help us discover potential health problems, assess your medical risk factors and administer treatment if necessary.

In the event that you need specialty medical care, you are at one of America's Best Hospitals, with access to world-class physicians who are using the latest in technology, services and research to move medicine forward.

Generally, appointments can be scheduled within one week. Request an appointment online or call us at (800) 439-5012.

It is important to note that The Executive Health Program does not replace your primary care physician and the Executive Examination is a one-time visit.

Before the Examination

Before your appointment, you will receive a packet by mail with a detailed health questionnaire as well as directions for parking and arrival to the suite. In addition, we will include instructions on fasting after midnight.

You will receive a pre-visit call to go over your medical history, explain your tests for the day and answer any questions you may have.

After the Examination

Following your Executive Examination, you will receive your one-on-one consultation with a physician, who will summarize your results and provide you with the findings.

If any potential or existing problems are identified, your physician will offer to arrange access to Robert Wood Johnson specialists for further evaluation.

The results of your Executive Examination may also be shared with your primary care physician, along with recommendations based on your results that will help promote a healthy lifestyle.

Women's Wellness Consultation

Business WomanWomen climbing the corporate ladder are susceptible to many of the same health conditions as men. However, they are also prone to an additional set of health concerns.

With this in mind, we have developed a customized plan just for women. In addition to the standard Executive Examination, the Women’s Wellness Consultation also includes:

  • Executive Health Physical
  • Pelvic exam by a gynecologist
  • Pap smear
  • Complete blood studies (includes CA-125)
  • Screening mammogram
  • One follow-up visit