Overview of Treatment Team

Overview of the PM&R Treatment Team

What specialists make up the PM&R treatment team?

A rehabilitation program is specifically designed for each individual depending on the injury, disorder, or illness. A multidisciplinary team approach for care and service is the basis of rehabilitation treatment. Multidisciplinary refers to the fact that many different disciplines work together toward a common goal. The team is usually directed by a physiatrist, with other specialists playing important roles in the treatment and education process. Team members involved depend on many factors, including patient need, facility resources, and insurance coverage for services.

The multidisciplinary rehabilitation team may include, but is not limited to, the following team members:

The rehabilitation team meeting

Most rehabilitation teams hold weekly, biweekly, or monthly meetings, depending on the setting. Topics covered at team meetings include such items as the following:

Team meetings help with communication and planning among team members and the patient and family. Reports of team meetings are often shared with insurance companies and case managers to assist in discharge planning, use of resources, and continuation of care.

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