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Recovering From Surgery/Intensive Care

Recovering From Surgery/Intensive Care

Recovering from surgery:

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Once surgery has been completed, you are brought to the recovery room, which also may be called the post-anesthesia care unit. In the recovery room, clinical staff will closely monitor you as you recover from anesthesia. The length of time spent in recovery depends on the type of surgery performed and the individual patient. While a patient is in recovery, the clinical staff may do the following:

A patient can aid the speed of recovery by doing certain breathing and moving exercises in the recovery room. Always consult with your physician before trying the following:

What is intensive care?

Sometimes a patient is transferred to the intensive care unit (ICU) for further, close monitoring. Intensive care is most often needed for patients on artificial ventilation, for patients recovering from heart attacks or major surgery, for patients in shock, and for patients with acute renal failure, among other reasons. In intensive care, clinical staff closely watches the patient 24 hours a day.

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