Evaluation Procedures

Evaluation Procedures

What are standard evaluation procedures?

Before a treatment or rehabilitation protocol can be established, your orthopaedist must first determine the reason for, and source of, your condition. This typically involves a comprehensive physical examination and a detailed medical history profile, in addition to a complete history and description of the symptoms related to your condition. During this initial gathering of information, be sure to notify your doctor of any other illnesses, injuries, or complaints that have been associated with the pain or condition, as well as any previous treatments or medications prescribed. Preliminary diagnostic tests may then follow, including blood tests and/or X-rays.

Advanced evaluation procedures

Patients who require further evaluation may undergo one or more of the following:

After the evaluative information is collected and reviewed, the orthopaedist will discuss the treatment options with you, in order to help you select the best treatment plan that promotes an active and functional life.

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