Plastic Surgery Techniques

Healthy Woman - Plastic Surgery Techniques

Surgical techniques used in plastic surgery

There are many different techniques used to perform cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures, including the following:

Local flap - is located next to the wound; the skin remains attached at one end sothat the blood supply is left intact.
Regional flap - uses a section of tissue that is attached by a specific blood vessel.
Bone/soft tissue flap - this type of flap is often used when bone and the overlying skin are moved to a new location.
Musculocutaneous flap (muscle and skin flap) - this type of flap is often used when the area to be covered needs more bulk and an increased blood supply. This type of flap is often used to rebuild a breast following a mastectomy.
Microvascular free flap - involves detaching and reattaching skin and blood vessels from one site of the body to another site. Microsurgery is used to attach the blood vessels.

Split-thickness skin graft

  • Commonly used to treat burn wounds
  • Uses only the layers of skin closest to the surface
  • Donor location site will be chosen based on size, type, and pigment of skin needed

Full-thickness skin graft

  • Used to treat deep and large wounds or scars
  • Used when maximum skin elasticity is needed
  • Uses all layers (not only the surface layer) of skin from the donor site

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