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Health & Community Initiatives

In partnership with RWJ Community Health Promotions, our community outreach programs are effective vehicles for bringing health education, screening and other health care services directly to those in need. Our efforts focus on increasing health literacy, providing better access to quality health care facilities and providers, and supporting communities in need by funding vital health programs.

RWJ is committed to the surrounding community and participates in a variety of programs designed to increase awareness of health disparities, improve cultural competency among nurses and physicians and promote diversity recruitment among physicians and other health care professionals by encouraging minority youth to consider a career in health care.

Below is a sampling of FY 12 ad FY 13 Community Health Initiatives. For more information, or to be connected to one of our initiatives, please email us.

Give Kids A Smile (One day event)

Annual free dental care, by appointment, for children ages 3 to 12, who do not have dental insurance. Services begin with comprehensive dental exams, x-rays and cleanings; and may include fillings, sealants and emergency treatment as needed.

Community Senior Center Events

Health and wellness topics include but are not limited to: prescription use, misuse and abuse; Medicare information and fraud protection; BARD, seasonal allergy care, podiatry, hearing loss, aromatherapy for relaxation, guided imagery distress techniques, incontinence, colon cancer awareness, nutrition for seniors, pain management, etc. Health screenings fairs are not evaluated.

Community Health Fairs

Sponsor health fairs throughout the community to include screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels, referrals to health services and tables of health information. Program is evaluated by number of participants and referrals.

African American Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Outreach Project

Promote Cardiovascular Disease awareness in the community through cholesterol & blood pressure screenings, stroke awareness seminars, distribution of information on smoking cessation and heart disease awareness, fitness promotion, and healthy cooking demonstrations. Program is evaluated by number of participants and referrals.

A Woman's Heart is Special

A one year grant project targeting minority women and heart disease.

Matters of the Heart

Annual cardiac health awareness event featuring speakers who discuss prevention, detection and modern advances in surgical procedures.

Latino Diabetes Wellness and Prevention Program

An educational and prevention program targeting Spanish speaking diabetics from the local FQHC. Participants take part in a two Saturdays educational program on the basic Diabetes Self-Management concepts and after completing of the program they are encourage to join a Spanish speaking Diabetic Support Group. The program also includes a nutrition and fitness program for youth ages 9 to 14 years of age.

Camp Inspire

A five session nutrition and fitness program targeting the children of Diabetics and overweight children. The program provides the following components.

Cancer Education & Screening

An education and early detection screening program targeting minority and low-income women. This a grant based program that offers the following services.

Prostate Cancer Education & Screening

An annual prostate cancer screening program that screens an average of 450 men in 3 days. Screening includes a free PSA, a digital rectal exam done by physician and follow-up and referral letters. The initiative includes a community outreach and education initiative targeting minority males. The evaluation is based on target number of participants, outreach methods, number of uninsured participants, medical follow-up and the target communities.

Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Event

Annual breast health awareness event featuring speakers who discuss prevention, detection and modern advances in surgical procedures.

Artist Mentoring Against Racism, Drugs and Violence; Healing Through the Arts Summer Program

A five weeks anti-violence art summer program for New Brunswick youth at risk. The program expose students to hands on life skills sessions on areas of self-esteem, team building, communication, gang awareness and college life. Local minority artist facilitate art projects to engage kids in the process of expressing themselves through the process of art making.

NJ American Parkinson Disease Association Information & Referral Center

Provide referral services, educational & exercise programs and support to patients with Parkinson’s Disease, their families and caregivers, and the general public.

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