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Navigating You Through All Aspects of Breast Health

Pamela Anderson
Breast cancer patient Pamela Anderson looks forward to finishing her degree and graduating from Fairleigh Dickinson University, where she is pursuing her Doctorate of Nursing Practice.

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) is proud to announce the opening of Breast Care Connection, a unique new breast health program designed specifically to guide women through the breast health process in a private, comfortable, friendly environment. 

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Our Unique Program

Breast health includes a full range of specialty services, so we've identified areas of care where we can quickly answer your questions:

Think of Breast Care Connection as your breast health concierge. Our specialists serve as care coordinators to help you manage all aspects of breast health.

Our Facility

Our new standalone facility on the RWJUH health campus was designed with a woman's comfort in mind.  We've selected soothing colors and attractive decor to help ease the anxiety often associated with a first appointment or consultation.

Our friendly and courteous staff is available to answer questions and ease any fears regarding results or surgery. 

Your Journey with our Highly Specialized Breast Health Navigator 

What is a Breast Health Navigator?

Coordinating Every Aspect of Your Breast Care

At Breast Care Connection, we understand that breast health is very important for women.  We also understand that it can become an overwhelming process, between scheduling mammograms, waiting for test results, or worse yet, finding out a more serious health problem is present.

Our services span all aspects of breast health. We help to reduce your fears and anxiety by getting involved in the following areas of care:

Convenient Location

Breast Care Connection is conveniently located on the RWJUH health campus and within 10 miles of many major New Jersey highways including the New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Parkway and Route 287. 

To request an appointment, click here or call (732) 253-3928.


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