The Limb Preservation Program

1-855-LIMB-RWJ or 1-855-546-2795

The Limb Preservation Program, part of the Cardiovascular Center of Excellence at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, is dedicated to the preservation of the lower extremities. The program offers advanced treatment options for patients with wounds on the foot, ankle and leg, which may require amputation as a treatment option. Its primary mission is to make a dramatic impact on reducing the prevalence of major amputations throughout the region.

The Program uses advanced diagnostic, surgical and wound care modalities to treat difficult-to-heal wounds. The Limb Preservation Program not only focuses on saving limbs, but also on the overall health and well-being of the patient.

Our Multidisciplinary Team

The Multidisciplinary Team includes:

Other specialists are consulted as required.

Patient Advantages

Candidates for Limb Preservation

The program is focused on caring for patients at high risk for amputation or those who have been offered an amputation due to:


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