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Gaurav Gupta, MD


Campus Affiliation

New Brunswick


  • Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, New York, NY

  • Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH
  • University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey, Newark, NJ

  • University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey, Newark, NJ
Special Clinical Interest

  • Open Cerebrovascular (clipping) & Endovascular coiling (coil, Onyx, Glue etc)
    • Brain Aneurysms-unruptured and ruptured (sub-Arachnoid Hemorrhage-SAH)
    • AVM's (arterio-venous malformation) - brain and spine
    • Dural arterio-venous fistula (AVF's)- Brain and Spine
    • Cavernoma / cavernous malformation/ angioma (brain and spine)
    • Acute stroke mechanical and chemical thrombolysis
    • Diagnostic brain angiogram / digital Subtraction angiography (DSA)
    • Carotid artery stenosis (carotid endarterectomy, stenting and angioplasty)
    • Carotid-cavernous fistulae (CC fistula)
    • Intracranial Angioplasty and stenting/balloon for intracranial atherosclerosis
    • Embolization of brain tumors, spinal tumors and other tumors of head and neck
    • Brain tumors (glioma, meningioma, metastatic tumor, pituitary tumor etc)
    • Spine tumors (spinal cord and vertebral body tumors)
    • Retinoblastoma-Intra arterial/intra-ophthalmic artery chemotherapy for retinoblastoma
    • ENT - epistaxis, juv. nasal angiofibroma (JNA), face/head/neck tumors
    • Embolization for dental/facial bone tumors
    • Moya Moya disease
    • Carotid artery dissection (CAD) / vertebral artery dissection
    • Hydrocephalus (shunt surgery)
  • Gamma knife for brain AVM, brain tumor, trigeminal neuralgia, etc.
Curriculum Vitae

Practice Name

Rutgers - Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

125 Paterson Street. - Room 2115
New Brunswick , NJ 08901


(732) 235-7095
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