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  • Using Cocaine? Fingerprints Might Tell

    Posted: 11/07/2017

    Using Cocaine? Fingerprints Might Tell FRIDAY, Oct. 27, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- An experimental fingerprint test could confirm within seconds if someone has used cocaine, according to a new study. The screening might pave the way for fingerprint-detection of other dangerous drugs such as heroin and ecstasy, said scientists at the University of Surrey in England. "This is a real breakthrough in our work to bring a real-time, noninvasive drug-testing method to the market that will provide a definitive re...

  • U.S. Gun Injuries Nearing $3 Billion in ER, Hospital Costs

    Posted: 10/13/2017

    U.S. Gun Injuries Nearing $3 Billion in ER, Hospital Costs MONDAY, Oct. 2, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- Nearly 705,000 people were treated for gunshot wounds in U.S. emergency departments between 2006 and 2014, at a cost of $2.8 billion a year, a new study says. The report's release comes one day after a lone gunman unleashed automatic rifle fire upon a crowd of country music concertgoers in Las Vegas, killing at least 58 people and injuring 500 more, making it one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. histor...

  • U.S. Military Surgeons Helped More Than 6,000 Afghan Adults

    Posted: 09/25/2017

    U.S. Military Surgeons Helped More Than 6,000 Afghan Adults WEDNESDAY, Sept. 13, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- In addition to their regular duties caring for U.S. armed forces in the region, American military surgeons provided humanitarian care to nearly 6,000 Afghan adult civilians over 11 years, a new study reports. Between January 2002 and March 2013, more than 9,400 surgical procedures were performed on 5,786 local civilians ages 15 and older at U.S. military treatment facilities in Afghanistan. About 3,...

  • Undiagnosed Heart Condition 'AFib' May Be Common, Study Suggests

    Posted: 09/07/2017

    Undiagnosed Heart Condition 'AFib' May Be Common, Study Suggests SATURDAY, Aug. 26, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- Many people at risk for atrial fibrillation probably do have the irregular heart rhythm but have not been diagnosed, a new study reports. Nearly 1 out of 3 patients in the study had undetected atrial fibrillation that was caught only through the use of long-term cardiac monitor implants, researchers say. Based on these results, it's likely there's probably a lot more undetected atrial fibrillatio...

  • Use of Cancer-Linked Fibroid Device Declines After FDA Warning

    Posted: 08/31/2016

    Use of Cancer-Linked Fibroid Device Declines After FDA Warning TUESDAY, Aug. 23, 2016 (HealthDay News) -- The use of power morcellators -- cutting tools used in minimally invasive gynecological procedures -- has dropped significantly for hysterectomies since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned against their use two years ago, a new study finds. Power morcellators have small blades that rotate rapidly. When used in minimally invasive hysterectomies or for the removal of noncancerous growths on t...

  • Unhappy at Work in Your 20s, Unhealthy in Your 40s?

    Posted: 08/29/2016

    Unhappy at Work in Your 20s, Unhealthy in Your 40s? MONDAY, Aug. 22, 2016 (HealthDay News) -- Millennials, take heed: Job dissatisfaction in your 20s or 30s can undermine your health by mid-life, new research suggests. But really rewarding work may pay health dividends. "Those who are, on average, very satisfied versus satisfied tend to have better health in their 40s," said study lead author Jonathan Dirlam. He is a doctoral candidate in the department of sociology at Ohio State University. By their 40...

  • Uterine Prolapse

    Posted: 08/25/2016

    Uterine Prolapse What is uterine prolapse? Uterine prolapse occurs when the muscles and tissue in your pelvis weaken. The weakness lets the uterus drop down into your vagina. Sometimes, it comes out through your vaginal opening. Nearly half of all women between ages 50 and 79 have this condition. What causes uterine prolapse? Uterine prolapse is caused when the muscles and tissue of the pelvic floor are weakened and can’t support the weight of the uterus. This lets it drop into your vagina. What are the...

  • Understanding an Intestinal Obstruction

    Posted: 08/25/2016

    Understanding an Intestinal Obstruction An intestinal obstruction means that something is blocking your intestine. Food and stool may not be able to move freely. When your intestine works normally, digested food moves from your stomach to your rectum. Along the way, your body breaks food down into usable parts and turns the rest to feces (stool). You eventually eliminate it through a bowel movement. An intestinal obstruction may partially or completely block this natural process. A complete blockage is ...

  • Uterine Artery Embolization

    Posted: 08/25/2016

    Uterine Artery Embolization What is uterine artery embolization? Uterine fibroid embolization is a procedure to shrink noncancerous tumors in the uterus called uterine fibroids. It does not use major surgery, so you may recover faster. You also may not need to stay in the hospital. Uterine fibroid embolization shrinks fibroids by blocking off their blood supply. The doctor injects very small particles like sand into the arteries that supply the fibroids. The particles stick to the vessel wall. This caus...

  • Ultrafast CT Scan

    Posted: 08/25/2016

    Ultrafast CT Scan What is an ultrafast CT scan? An ultrafast CT scan is an imaging test that uses X-rays and a computer to look at your heart. The scan takes pictures very quickly. It gives your healthcare provider many details about your heart that other imaging tests can’t. Standard X-rays use a small amount of radiation to create images of your bones and internal organs. Standard X-rays are useful to help diagnose illness. But many details about internal organs and other structures can’t be seen. In ...