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Generous Gifts that Give Back

January 3, 2013

Many of us pride ourselves on living in such an openhearted community — a place where people still care about their neighbors. Now that generosity is on display in the Edward and Anita Hogan Neuroscience Pavilion at Somerset Medical Center. The new unit was 100 percent funded by private donations, with no need for loans or bonds.

The lead gift came from Anita Hogan. Her husband, well-known attorney Edward Hogan, had a stroke before his death in 2005. Anita Hogan envisioned a place where other patients being treated for strokes, seizures, Parkinson’s disease and brain tumors could get all-inclusive care. And it was her generous donation that got the ball rolling. Other donations, large and small, have since helped make Hogan’s dream a reality. “Our donors saw the value of having a top-notch neurological unit at Somerset Medical Center,” says Julie DeVries, RN, MSN. “Now the whole community will benefit.”