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Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer

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Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital is advancing the use of an extremely precise, high-dose form of radiation therapy for prostate cancer called stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT). SBRT uses innovative imaging technologies combined with a sophisticated computer system (similar to the CyberKnife® system) to deliver intense doses of radiation to prostate tumors with extraordinary accuracy, minimizing damage to healthy tissue. SBRT can deliver your treatment in 10 minutes or less, and the entire treatment may be completed in as few as five sessions. Cyberknife® treatments may take three to five times longer, per treatment, to deliver the same dose of radiation.

RWJ radiation oncologist Rahul R. Parikh, M.D. has found SBRT to be extremely effective for many of his prostate patients. He has successfully treated patients with this approach, with similar side effects to conventional radiation techniques and with excellent immediate and long-term results.

For more information on SBRT, please call 732-253-3939.