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The Cancer Program Team

We strive to combine the advances of modern medicine with the comforts of home, allowing patients to concentrate on what's important - feeling better. Patients have many questions. Our answer is a team of health care professionals, each with expertise in one of the many disciplines required for comprehensive cancer care.

Physicians - Our board-certified physicians provide a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, develop and coordinate the treatment plan and manage symptoms to maximize patient comfort.

Nurses - Our oncology-certified nurses provide expert care in a supportive environment, meeting the needs of each patient and family. Nurses educate patients and their families on treatments and procedures, keep the physician informed of patient needs and concerns and help reduce the fears associated with the disease.

Case Managers - To coordinate all stages of a hospital stay, each patient has a nurse who serves as case manager. The case manager assists in the admission assessment, monitors the patient's progress on a daily basis and ensures that the patient and family are prepared for discharge with appropriate education and instruction for home care. The case manager communicates the patient's treatment plan and discharge needs to insurance companies.

Social Workers - A full-time social worker is available for counseling and to help with referrals for home care, nursing homes or hospice. Our social worker also leads the many support groups available at the medical center for patients and their families.

Dietitians - Understanding how important nutrition is to the cancer patient, an oncology dietitian helps evaluate the nutritional needs of each patient and provides the physician with recommendations that are vital to the treatment plan.

Pastoral Care - Working to meet the spiritual needs of both patients and families, Pastoral Care staff services include support and counseling, particularly during crisis situations.


Other team members include representatives from the Radiology, Pathology, Pharmacy and Rehabilitation departments. All work together in making daily decisions on how to best care for and support each patient.