Grateful Patient Quotes

Dear Cindy,

On October 22, 2008, I gave birth to my daughter at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset. This was the first time I had been to this hospital. My daughter was born via C-section and soon after her birth she showed signs of breathing difficulties and put in the NICU for the next 10 days.

I am writing this letter because this was one of the most difficult times in my life and the nurses who took care of me, and more importantly, my daughter, were amazing. The care and compassion I was shown was unending. The nurses really touched my heart because of the care we were given that day.

I am so grateful that my daughter was born at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset. Thank you for everything.


"Upon diagnosis of breast cancer by my doctor who is a Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset physician, I was advised by friends and colleagues to seek surgery and treatment in New York City. It was not a decision based on the quality of care that I had been given, but on the erroneous belief that better care is received at cancer centers in Manhattan.

"While on chemotherapy, I became very ill and was rushed by paramedics to the emergency room at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset. I was taken to the Paul R. Nardoni Oncology Pavilion for treatment and spent seven days recuperating. The quality of care was outstanding by a medical staff that showed remarkable compassion and respect. I truly credit them for saving my life!

"It is a great comfort to have a world-class oncology center like The Steeplechase Cancer Center in our backyard. I realized that I no longer had to travel to New York for treatment. I was able to stay close to home and be near my doctors, friends and family. Thank you!"

Barbara Stafford

It was a normal September day, nice and sunny. My husband, Bob was cutting the lawn, a task that he enjoys. When he came in I happened to be walking behind him and noticed he didn't look quite himself. He was perspiring heavily and having difficulty breathing. I knew he was in distress. I promptly escorted him to the car and rushed him to the Emergency Room at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset. When I arrived, a hospital employee told me to go park and he wheeled my husband into the Emergency Room where the staff immediately started their life saving work.

I was very frightened for him until a doctor came out to let me know he was stabilized and gave me praise for my quick response to this emergency. As it turned out, my husband had congestive heart failure and because of the quick response by the hospital staff he had no damage to his heart.

The SAIL Program can take a lot of credit for my reactions that day. They had an education class on how to respond to an emergency. I take advantage of the education programs the hospital has to offer. I really like the information and the social opportunities. The wide variety of subjects offered has broadened my education and self-confidence to make informed decisions during times of stress. The hospital staff, as well as the volunteers, is a true asset to our community.

Thank you for saving my husband's life!


Mary, a Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset employee, had her first Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA) or mini stroke at the age of 50. "It came out of nowhere. I was healthy and active." In fact, Mary didn't know that she had had a mini stroke until she arrived at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset.

"I don't mind admitting that it was scary to find out that having had a mini stroke I was 10 times more likely to have a full-blown stroke. But fortunately because of the medical staff's quick response I have no lasting disabilities."