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Medical Wellness Programs

Regular exercise can be key to managing chronic illnesses, losing weight and promoting heart health. RWJ is glad to provide highly specialized programs for individuals with an underlying medical condition, in which exercise can help to manage symptoms and improve health!

Conditions that our wellness programs target:

  • Cardiovascular disease (high blood pressure and cholesterol, bypass surgery)
  • Diabetes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Obesity
  • Cancer
  • Post-joint replacements, (i.e. knee and hip)
  • Back pain
  • Heart and lung transplant
Medical Wellness Exercise Program

The goal of the exercise program is to have clients be able to exercise independently in a controlled, supervised environment. A client will never feel like they are in a gym environment where help is hard to find. There will always be a trainer available answer questions, help with equipment, or to be on standby in case someone isn’t feeling well.
In order to achieve this goal, there are a few steps to get there.

  1. Medical clearance- every client must obtain written clearance from their physician allowing their participation in the program.
  2. Fitness Screen- All clients undergo a fitness screen on their first visit, which consists of a one-on-one appointment with the Exercise Physiologist. It is comprised of several tests to measure general fitness and physical ability. Specifically, they measure upper and lower body strength, flexibility and endurance, core strength, agility and cardiovascular fitness. Based on the results as well as the client’s medical history, medications and goals; a personalized exercise prescription is developed by the Exercise Physiologist. This screening will be performed again at the 3 month mark for progress.
  3. Personal Attention Training (PAT) – For the first month, all clients are enrolled in our Personal Attention Training (PAT) Program, which provides individualized instruction while they begin their new exercise routine. An exercise physiologist will teach new clients how to safely progress their programs and offers daily review and updates of the routines based on each client’s progression. We have found that this structured approach is more effective in helping new clients reach their exercise and health goals. After the first month is completed successfully, a client can continue with the PAT program or they can switch over to the final independent phase of the Exercise Program.
  4. Independent Exercise- After completion of the PAT program, a client is now able to exercise independently in our facility, where they have the freedom to progress their own exercise program instead of the Exercise Physiologist doing it for them. Although it is more independent, clients should now have the tools to feel confident doing it on their own. However, they are still not completely alone. In this program, clients have many of the same benefits as they did in the PAT program, such as:
    • Access to the exercise physiologist who is there to closely supervise, educate, assist and answer questions
    • Access to blood pressure readings  before and after exercise
    • Small group environment

* This program has no long-term contracts and membership is month-to-month. It is also customizable based on need. Family & RWJ employee discounts are available; inquire about details. Call 908-203-5972, option 3 for more info and rates.

Osteoporosis Exercise Program

It is very important that those with osteoporosis learn the correct exercises to improve their condition. Weight-bearing and strengthening activities can delay the onset or lessen the severity of osteoporosis while increasing muscle strength and endurance. A flexibility component can help an individual reduce the stress on the bones caused by muscle imbalance. Postural exercises can help strengthen the muscles involved in maintaining good form and improve one’s physical appearance.

Program Benefits:

  • Help maintain bone strength or slow the bone loss that comes with age
  • Improve balance, coordination and walking ability
  • Increase independence
  • Improve flexibility and decrease chances on injury
  • Improve psychological well-being and self-esteem

Program Features:

  • Sessions are held twice a week and are led by an exercise physiologist in a small group at a slow-to-moderate pace.
  • Exercises are performed with dumbbells standing and lying on a floor mat.
  • Each session consists of warm-up, strengthening exercises, flexibility stretches, cool-down and education on osteoporosis issues.
  • Participants will learn what exercises are important to maintain good bone health and what exercises should be avoided.
Bariatric Exercise Program

This program is designed for those planning to undergo or who have already had bariatric weight-loss surgery. By participating in an exercise program prior to bariatric surgery, participants can establish a cardiovascular routine and begin strengthening muscles to get them ahead of the game for after surgery. By participating in an exercise program after surgery (after medical clearance), participants can enhance their weight loss safely while maintaining and even increasing their muscle mass.

Program Features:

  • Sessions meet 2-3 times per week in a small group supervised by an exercise physiologist.
  • Individualized exercise programs include cardiovascular, strengthening, flexibility and balance components.
  • Emphasis on low and non-impact exercises to decrease joint stress.
  • Education on exercise progression to foster independence.
Medical Wellness One-on-one Training(by appointment only)

For those individuals looking for personalized one-on-one exercise sessions with an exercise physiologist, our one-on-one training may be the answer for you. After a client goes through a fitness screen, an exercise physiologist develops a personalized exercise prescription and guides them through each exercise session, adjusting and progressing each workout as tolerated by the client. Each appointment is scheduled with the exercise physiologist.

For more information about any of our Medical Wellness Programs or if you would like to enroll, call 908-203-5972, option 3.