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Pregnancy and Newborns

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Anti-Vaccine Family Members, Friends Spur Many Moms to Delay Baby's Shots
Study found even if pregnant women later hear better info from docs, they may still wait on immunizations
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Pregnancy and Newborns

Healthy Pregnancy Quiz
What Do You Know About Having a Healthy Pregnancy? Pregnancy is an exciting and busy time for couples. You spend time wondering about your baby-to-be and making plenty of preparations to welcome the newest member of your family. By taking this quiz, you can learn which lifestyle behaviors are most helpful and which may be harmful to your developing child. 1. Healthy habits during which trimester are most crucial for the well-being of the developing fetus? You didn't answer this question. You answered Th...
Multiple Births Quiz
What Do You Know About Multiple Births? So you're having more than one! You're not alone. The number of multiple births has increased dramatically in recent years. 1. Which is an explanation for the increasing number of multiple births in this country? You didn't answer this question. You answered The correct answer is About a third of the increase in multiple births can be explained by an increasing number of women older than age 30 having children. The remaining two-thirds of the increase can be tied ...
Drugs and Pregnancy Quiz
What Do You Know About Drugs and Alcohol in Pregnancy? Smoking, drinking alcohol, and using drugs while pregnant can harm your growing baby. Know how to avoid these dangers to have a healthy pregnancy and baby. Find out more about drugs and pregnancy by taking this quiz. 1. You are more likely to have a miscarriage if you smoke while pregnant. You didn't answer this question. You answered The correct answer is Women who smoke cigarettes have a higher risk for miscarriages, stillborns, and premature or l...
Due Date Calculator
Due Date Calculator It is important to estimate your due date so you and your healthcare provider can schedule proper prenatal care and plan for your baby's birth. Your healthcare provider uses a method similar to this calculator to give you your due date. Enter Your Information What was the date of the first day of your last menstrual period? (MM/DD/YYYY) Your Results Since your last menstrual period was on , your baby's estimated birth date is . How is a baby's estimated birth date calculated? Naegele...
Childbirth: A Timeline to Ease Your Mind
Postpartum Depression Assessment
Postpartum Depression Risk Assessment It's natural to feel strong emotions when you're pregnant and just after you've had a baby. You may feel elated, or you may feel sad. Many women have the "baby blues" just after birth. They feel sad, impatient, or irritable. These feelings usually go away in a week or two. They don't always need to be treated by a health care provider. For some women, feelings of sadness are much more intense. These intense feelings are called postpartum depression, or PPD. Changes ...
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