Traveler's First-Aid Kit

Traveler's First-Aid Kit

What should a traveler's first aid kit include?

The American College of Emergency Physicians and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encourage travelers to pack a first aid kit or a travel health kit so that common medical emergencies can be properly handled should they occur. Pack the following items in your carry-on bag and keep it with you at all times:

Be sure to follow the same precautions with the medicines in your first aid kit as you do with all medications, and use only as recommended by your doctor. Make sure children cannot get into the first aid bag; use child safety caps whenever possible. Also be aware of volume limits in carry-on bags. Some of these items may need to be packed in your checked luggage while flying. Check expiration dates and discard medication that is out-of-date. If someone has a life-threatening allergy, carry the appropriate medication with you at all times.

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