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About Living Donors

Living Donor Kidney Exchange Program

Dr. David Laskow on CBS News

Willing donors may be excluded from donating to friends or loved ones because of blood type or cross-match incompatibility. To make the gift of life possible for more people, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, the state's other transplant centers, and the New Jersey Organ and Tissue Sharing Network have formed a statewide living donor kidney exchange program. The program involves the match and exchange of kidneys between like pairs of compatible donors and recipients.

After thorough evaluation and approval by the transplant team, participating donor and recipient pairs are matched for the exchange and the surgeries take place simultaneously. Donors and recipients remain anonymous unless all parties agree to meet after the transplant surgeries have taken place.

Channel 2 News WCBS New York Featured Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and its patients in a story about paired kidney donation:

Dr. David Laskow was interviewed as the surgeon who performed one of two simultaneous living donation kidney transplant surgeries – one was done here at RWJUH and the other one was done at the same time at the University of Toledo Medical Center in Ohio.

The patients involved in this unique transplant traveled from Michigan, North Brunswick and Staten Island to New Brunswick and Toledo to participate in the altruistic donations.

This is the first time in New Jersey a paired kidney exchange has been performed inter-state.

RWJUH is among the state’s top hospitals for organ donation and through its participation in the paired exchange program, will be able to link more willing donors with more patients from across the country, reduce waiting time and ultimately save more lives.

Click here for the complete Channel 2 News story which aired on July 31.

About the Kidney Transplant Waiting List

Patients who meet the criteria for a kidney transplant are placed on the national waiting list maintained by the United Network of Organ Sharing (UNOS).

Kidneys are matched based on the following:

During your time on the waiting list, it is important that you:


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