Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
New Brunswick • Somerset

Center for Diversity & Inclusion

RWJ’s Center for Diversity and Inclusion works to ensure that diversity and inclusion are woven into the fabric of everything we do. The center partners with our senior leaders, partnership councils, business resource groups, internal business units, and the community to impact our organization, empower employees, enrich the patient experience, engage the communities we serve, and support RWJ’s efforts to eliminate health disparities. Our inclusion vision is to create the ideal experience for everyone who enters our doors. Our patients, families, physicians, and employees have the right to choose where they receive care and work. We want them to choose RWJ—where everyone matters.

Our Strategic Objectives:

  • Access: Ensure access to culturally competent care for patients and families. Ensure access to employment opportunities at RWJ.
  • Inclusion: Ensure the processes, guidelines, policies, and culture that create the ideal experience for patients, families, and employees.
  • Diversity: Ensure our workforce and patients populations are reflective of our communities.
  • Equity: Ensure fair and just treatment towards everyone who enters our doors. Increase health equity and eliminate health disparities.

Through partnerships with our senior leaders, employees, and community partners, we are hardwiring inclusion reliability by focusing on the following impact areas:

  • Human Capital—Employees Matter. Make better use of our employees’ diversity. Further develop and engage our internal talent pipeline. Recruit best and brightest employees for our team.
  • Clinical Experience—Patients Matter. Advance health equity by embedding cultural competence and linguistic effectiveness into our patient delivery model
  • Communities—Social Responsibility Matters. Strengthen external workforce pipeline. Promote healthy living and healthier lifestyles.
  • Corporation—Organizational Commitment Matters. Ensure policies that support the diversity of our workforce. Leverage diversity to enhance business results.
  • Culture—Dignity and Kindness Matter. Foster a culture of dignity and fairness for everyone who enters our doors. Promote diversity awareness and education.

Committees & Councils

Board Community Relations Committee

Consisting of a minimum of six members, the hospital’s Board Community Relations Committee exists to make recommendations to RWJ Board of Directors for new or expanded programs to addresses health care needs of the community; review relationships with local government entities and other organizations to determine viability of either individual or joint programs, review relationships with survey of area hospitals to determine joint programs or efforts which will benefit the community; review analysis of community services provided by Hospital in order to assess compliance with IRS requirements (IRS Test); and examine or evaluate such other community related matters which may be undertaken by the Hospital and recommend new programs or activities to the Board.

Diversity and Inclusion Executive Partnership Council

A cross-functional executive level body that provides strategic recommendations to the Chief Diversity Officer and leaders of various diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives. Executive council members serve to monitor progress, leverage resources, and champion the integration of diversity and inclusion into operational goals and shared accountability among RWJ leaders. Members of the Diversity and Inclusion Executive Partnership Council meet quarterly in a combined meeting with the Diversity and Inclusion Employee Partnership Council.

Diversity and Inclusion Employee Partnership Council

A cross-functional employee council that partners with the Center for Diversity and Inclusion to drive shared accountability among RWJ’s employees. The council serves to model inclusive behaviors and champion the same in the organization, develop and deploy various diversity and inclusion initiatives, and drive engagement and full immersion of RWJ’s employees in diversity and inclusion programming. Members of the Diversity and Inclusion Employee Partnership Council meet quarterly in a combined meeting with the Diversity and Inclusion Executive Partnership Council.

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