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Men's Health Screenings

To help ensure optimal health, men aged 50 and over should follow these general screening recommendations. Those with health issues or risk factors should talk to their doctors about whether screenings should be performed more frequently.


This chart can be printed to keep track of screening dates.





Date of Procedure

Routine Physical





Mass Index

At least every one to two years


Blood Pressure Screening

At least every one to two years


Cholesterol Screening

Every five years



Dental Checkup

Every year


Vision Screening

Every two to three years


Glaucoma Screening

Every two to three years


Diabetes Screening

Every three years


Testicular Self Exam

Monthly or as advised by your physician


Prostate Cancer Screening

Consider yearly (discuss with your doctor)


Colon Cancer Screening

- Fecal occult blood testing

- Sigmoidoscopy

- Colonoscopy


- Yearly

- Every five years

- Every 10 years



- Flu shot

- Tetanus booster

- Pneumonia vaccine


- Yearly

- Every 10 years

- Once at age 65