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Sports Performance

Want to run faster on the soccer field? Jump higher on the basketball court? Be more explosive on the football field? Have a stronger drive than your golf buddies? Competitive, recreational, up and coming athletes, or anyone just looking to be stronger and healthier- we’ve got a program for you!

In the world of athletics today, the only way to beat your competition and prevent injury is by properly enhancing your performance. We provide sports performance services for athletes of all ages and abilities to gain an extra edge on their opponents while helping to keep them in the game by avoiding injury.

Our staff includes nationally certified strength and conditioning coaches, certified athletic trainers and performance enhancement specialists. They are professionally trained in advanced sports medicine techniques vital to helping improve clients' performance. All staff utilize the most current evidence based exercise techniques proven to produce extraordinary results.

Seasonal Programs- Please see program calendar for next available sessions!

  • Speed, Agility, and Quickness (SAQ) Training Program (Ages 12 and up)
    Increase speed; improve ability to change directions and transition from forward to side movements. Sessions include a dynamic warm up and a progression of speed, agility, quickness, and plyometric drills meant to improve overall athleticism.  Additionally, core stability, body-weight training, and conditioning exercises are used to compliment speed and agility drills.

  • Strength and Conditioning (SC) Program (Ages 12 and up)
    Increase strength, power, and endurance to enhance performance and decrease the risk of injury. Gain an advantage over competition by being properly educated on traditional and new exercise techniques. Sessions include proper warm-up, balance, strength, power, and injury prevention exercises to maximize your body’s potential.

  • Sport-specific Programs
    Periodically, performance programs geared toward a specific sport are offered, so please check our program calendar frequently. Some examples- Water Sports Performance, Rower’s injury screening, Overhead Throwing Athlete Program, etc.

Year Round Programs and Services

  • One-on-one, Small Group, and Team Training Sessions (by appointment only)
    Specialized program for those looking to enhance their performance and decrease injury risk in a smaller setting with a personalized focus.
    • One-on-one: Train with the complete guidance and undivided attention of a member of our staff to meet your specific fitness and performance goals.
    • Small Group (2-4 people): Train with your teammates, friends, or family members to meet your performance and fitness goals with an individualized program developed by our staff.
    • Team Training: Register your club, travel, or school team as a group and enhance your on-field performance with a specialized training program to meet the needs of your sport. Team discounts available- call today!
    Call 908-203-5972, Option 2 for scheduling and rates.

  • Functional Movement Screen (by appointment only)
    This is a quick, easy seven-step assessment designed for athletes and active people of all ages that will determine functional limitations, asymmetries, and faulty movement patterns that can determine the potential risk of injury. Results can help determine what programs are best suited to the athlete to improve function and decrease injury risk. Click link for more info.  (All ages)

  • Community Sports Medicine Clinics
    Our clinical team is actively involved in educating athletes, coaches, and parents about injury prevention and recognition. Throughout the year, we provide programs to the community focused on topics such as concussions, injury conditions, proper strength building, flexibility, conditioning, endurance, and training techniques to minimize the risk of injury occurrence. For more information, click the link above, and please visit our program calendar for upcoming clinics. If you are interested in scheduling a specific program for your athletes, please call 1-855-SPRTS-MED and choose the option for the office nearest you.