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Performance Fitness

Move Better.
Feel Stronger.
Accomplish More.

Purposeful Fitness For Sport, Work, & Life

Whether you are a competitive athlete, have a job that is physically demanding, or are someone looking to stay active to do those thing you love the most, your goals are our priority. We aim to create a positive training experience with both short-term and long-term positive outcomes in mind. Our purposeful approach to fitness coaching focuses on meshing the worlds of injury reduction training with true performance-enhancing strength, power, and conditioning programming.

Unlike more traditional membership gyms, at Performance Fitness you are never working out without being coached. In other words, all training sessions are a part of structured classes. We deliver this via our valued team of Performance Coaches, who hold highly regarded national certifications, with backgrounds ranging from Functional Fitness and Corrective Exercise through Olympic Lifting and Sports Performance. We work cross-functionally with our Certified Athletic Trainers, Medical Wellness team, Physical Therapists, and any referring physicians to ensure consistency of care and positive outcomes. For your benefit, our team continues to bridge the gap between the knowledge that we constantly are gaining and the application of that knowledge to help you achieve the outcomes you desire.

Access to our Performance Fitness coaching is via Monthly Memberships, and is ongoing all year long.

New Client JUMPSTART Program: Only $79 for 1st month*

Experience a risk-free first month trial experience for only $79, which includes:

  • Initial 1:1 session with fitness screening + Unlimited Small Group or Large Group classes
  • Additional 1:1 session to be used sometime during your first month

*Eligibility for this special: 1 time per person every 3 years.

Daily Class Schedule 

LARGE GROUP CLASS OPTIONS (Max of 9/class): *Middle School through Adult*  

Performance Fitness (Adults)

Movement, flexibility, stability, strength, power, conditioning

Athlete Strength & Power (Gr 6-12)

Stability, Strength, and Power Development for Middle School and High School Athletes in any sport

SPARQ (Gr 6 through Adult)

Speed, Agility, Reaction, and Quickness training for athletes in any sport. Sessions include a dynamic warm up and a progression of speed, agility, quickness, and plyometric drills meant to improve overall athleticism.  Additionally, core stability, body-weight training, and conditioning exercises are used to compliment speed and agility drills as necessary.

Hurricane (Gr 6 through Adult) 

Metabolic conditioning session that combines cardio with strength and core training. You have to try this!

SMALL GROUP CLASS OPTIONS (Max of 4/class) *Middle School through Adult*

Small Group Fitness: Adult Class for ages 18+ / Middle School and High School Class for Gr 6 through 12 

Semi-personal fitness coaching towards your goals

REGEN: Movement & Mobility (Gr 6 through Adult)

Great compliment to our other classes to ensure progress! Active recovery and foundational purpose focusing on range of motion, movement, and core training. Soft tissue work, corrective exercise, and functional movements.

1:1 PERFORMANCE FITNESS COACHING (Middle school through adult):

AM & PM times based on Performance Coach availability, Mon-Friday by appointment

Movement, flexibility, stability, strength, power, and conditioning for sport, work, and life

Monthly Membership Options (Starting as low as $69/month)*

Unlimited Group UNLIMITED Group Sessions (small or large) + open gym
Small Group Up to 5 Small Group + up to 12 Large Group Sessions + open gym
Large Group Up to 12 Large Group Sessions + open gym
Medical Wellness Monthly program + up to 12 guided visits
Open Gym Unlimited Visits (does not include group coaching sessions)


  • All session credits expire the last day of each month
  • Membership discount and $40 Employee Wellness reimbursement available for RWJBH full-time and part-time Employees with proof of employment
  • Must pre-register for specific classes times in order to ensure a spot
  • Payment in form of cash, check, or credit card is accepted. $79 initial month fee paid at first visit.
    • After the JUMPSTART month, monthly membership fee is due the beginning of each month
  • Must provide 24 hour notice for cancellations
  • For a downloadable overview to share with others, click here

Year Round Programs and Services

  • Functional Movement Screen (when referred by a physician or post-physical therapy)
    Included in your $79 JUMPSTART risk-free trial. This assessment is meant for athletes and active people aged 12 and up, and determines functional limitations, asymmetries, and faulty movement patterns that can determine the potential risk of injury. Results can help determine what programs are best suited to the athlete to improve function and decrease injury risk.
  • Sports Medicine, Performance, and Fitness Education
    Our Athletic Training, Performance Fitness, and Medical Wellness team is actively involved in educating athletes, coaches, and parents about various topics within the realm of Performance Enhancement, Fitness, Injury Prevention, and Wellness.. Throughout the year, we provide programs to the community focused on topics such as concussions, injury conditions, proper strength building, flexibility, conditioning, endurance, and training techniques to minimize the risk of injury occurrence. For more information, click the link above, and please visit our program calendar for upcoming clinics. If you are interested in scheduling a specific program for your athletes, please call 908-203-5972 or contact us at
All classes are located at the RWJBH Sports Physical Therapy and Performance Center.
Semi-personal fitness coaching towards your goals